Adult and Teen Swim Classes (Ages 12 and Up)

Adult swim lessons will cover all the fundamentals of swimming, but at a pace and climate better suited for teens and adults. Whether you are a first-time swimmer or an advanced swimmer looking for help with a training regimen, we have instructors and coaches to help you advance as a swimmer. Emphasis is placed on floating, controlled breathing, front and back crawl, and elementary backstroke, as well as rotary breathing, backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, treading water, and endurance.



Adult Level 1 (Beginner)

Swim class for adults with little or no swimming ability. Swimmers who are either unable to swim, or unhappy with their technique are candidates for this class. Instructors will teach proper body position for swimming freestyle (front crawl stroke). Kicking, Alternating arm strokes and Rotary Breathing will be taught and practiced. This class is ideal for people who can not swim, or for people who can already swim, but improperly.


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Adult Level 2 (Intermediate)

Adult Level 2 is designed for swimmers who have some swimming ability, and are comfortable in the water. Please see the skills listed in LEVEL 1 to establish a baseline to determine if you are ready for LEVEL 2. Swimmers who are interested in LEVEL 2 should already be able to complete skills taught in the previous level, or have been able to demonstrate to an instructor that they can benefit and complete more advanced skills. The primary component of LEVEL 2 is to teach the proper technique for freestyle (front crawl). Skills taught include: -Streamlining (horizontal and supine positions) -Rotary breathing -25-50 yards freestyle -Backstroke -Lap swimming


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