Youth (Ages 6-14)

There are five levels in the Youth Swimming Lessons program. Youth swimming lessons provide older children with a beginner program. There is also an advanced swimming program for older, swim team bound students looking to enhance their swimming abilities. If you are uncertain which level your child is, please reference swim level descriptions, or ask an instructor to assess your child for class placement.

POLLIWOG is for children with no previous experience and/or hesitancy in the water. Children in POLLIWOG wear a flotation device (bubble). Using bubbles, children learn alternating arm strokes and flutter kick using kick boards and barbells over a distance of 10-15 yards. Children are also be introduced to paddling and kicking on their back with equipment.  The curriculum includes bubble blowing, putting entire face in water (bobbing will be encouraged) and an introduction to floating in prone and supine positions (front and back).

Children in GUPPY may wear a flotation device if needed (bubble), however, emphasis is without.  Rotary Breathing is the primary skill in this level.  This level focuses on freestyle and backstroke refinement.  Teachers will help students achieve a streamline, horizontal position in the water for both freestyle and backstroke. Concentration is on endurance and strength to accomplish 25 yards on front and back. By the end of GUPPY, students must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle demonstrating rhythmic breathing and 25 Yards of backstroke in order to advance to MINNOW.

Children in MINNOW no longer use a bubble during swim lessons and they must be able to swim front crawl & backstroke 25 yards without stopping. However, unfixed flotation equipment such as kickboards and barbells are still used. This class is the beginning of the children swimming in a lane, instead of a small portion of the pool. Concentration is on front crawl with coordinated freestyle and rotary breathing. In this level, students must have very good freestyle and backstroke because they will be swimming up to 50 yards continuously. In this level, Instructors introduce breaststroke, the 3rd of 4 competitive swimming strokes, and symmetrical arms are introduced. In order to move up to FISH, child must be able to swim 50 yards of free style, 50 yards of back stroke, and 25 yards of breast stroke and elementary back stroke.

In the FISH level, there is continued stroke development of free style, back crawl and breaststroke. Children begin to learn the butterfly and flip turns. In the fish level, emphasis is on stroke refinement and building up endurance. Child must be able to swim 75 yards of free style, back stroke, and breast stroke and 25 yards of dolphin kick (15 feet of butterfly) in order to progress to Flying Fish.

Only students with very strong swimming ability are allowed to enroll in FLYING FISH. This class is for experienced swimmers who are able to swim freestyle with rotary breathing and proper backstroke 75-100 yards continuously. In this class, breaststroke will be refined as well as a continued introduction to butterfly, the final of the 4 competitive swimming strokes. Instructors will also teach diving and flip turns for freestyle.

Designed for non-swimmers or beginning swimmers interested in feeling comfortable in the water while learning basic swim strokes. This class is designed for youth ages 10-15.