Pre-Competitive Swim Team

The Stamford Family YMCA offers pre-competitive swim teams for those young swimmers who like the idea of swim team and have out-grown our lessons but are not ready to commit to meets and practices. Swimmers will go through practice scenarios working on stroke refinement, endurance and turns.

Pre-swim team for pre-school aged children. Advanced perschool swimmers only. You must be approved by a coach or the aquatics director before registering for this class. Please contact the aquatics director before signing up.
Swim team preparation. This class meets twice per week and is the most advanced class in all of our swimming school. Introduction to Butterfly and completion of the Breaststroke. Students will practice all four strokes preparing them to join the Stamford Y Aquatic Club, our competitive swimming team. In this class, students will practice more advanced racing techniques, underwater streamlining, breaststroke pullouts, starts, relay transitions and proper flip turns for each racing stroke. Not only will this class serve as a place to learn, but students will begin to train by swimming laps and conditioning for the sport of swimming. NEW SKILLS: Butterfly, Breastroke pullout, diving starts, turns, individual medely and understand and using pace clocks.