Pre-Competitive Swim Team

Pre-Competitive Swim Team (2/3 days/week)

3 days/wk  Non-Members: $997   Members: $897
2 days/wk  Non-Members: $697   Members: $627
USA/CT Membership/Meet Deposit  $100


Ages 8 and over, This group provides an individualized program that emphasizes improving stroke technique and building an athletic aerobic base, while still refining starts and turns to prepare athletes for any level of competition.  We will work with athletes of all backrounds, on a plan that works best for his or her commitment level and individual goals in swimming.  This group will meet at most 5 times a week. Prerequisites: Swimmers for this level should be able to compete in all four competitive strokes and have a strong endurance base.  Coach’s permission is needed to sign up this group.