Summer Camp Activities

At the Stamford Y, kids spend the day creating arts and crafts, exploring science and technology, learning to swim, participating in field trips, exploring nature, learning about our many cultures and making new friends and memories. Summer learning, including literacy activities, is also part of the Y summer experience.

The Stamford Y offers an exceptional array of activities taught by trained specialists. Each day campers learn new skills, play, and have a tremendous amount of fun. YMCA summer camps provide children with positive and fun experiences that build confidence, new friendships, lifelong memories and a feeling of community that will last beyond the summer. Staff go through rigorous training to ensure the safety and positive experience of each child.


Learn to Swim

There is a reason why the YMCA is referred to as America’s Favorite Swim Instructor. In Y classes, not only are you taught in a caring way how to swim, but you also learn about yourself, about safety and rescue skills, and about water activities you can enjoy for a lifetime. The Stamford Y’s learn to swim program is delivered by highly trained and certified swim instructors and lifeguards. We are privileged to teach all of our kids in summer camp how to swim and be safe in an aquatic environment.

Each group in summer camp swims twice per day on their designated Y days. Campers are given a swim test on the first day of camp and are then placed in an instructional swimming group based upon their ability. Our goal is to have each camper improve as a swimmer by the end of the summer. Safety is our top priority, and safety checks and swim bands are used to ensure the safety of all campers.



At the Stamford Y, we teach our campers sport skills and sportsmanship while having fun! We provide a fun atmosphere for children and ensure the focus is not on winning but about having fun through sportsmanship, teamwork and respect. Campers learn new skills and develop great friendships. Experienced counselors who have a passion for sports lead our campers in a variety of activities including but are not limited to:

  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Baseball
  • Kickball
  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football
  • Pee Wee Tennis
  • Bocce
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Team Handball

The Arts

The Stamford Y offers many ways for campers to explore and discover new interests, and use their imagination in summer camp. Campers develop their artistic ability through painting, drawing, dancing, and much more. Each day brings a new project, and each week is different. Campers are immersed in creative projects and dance instruction led by our talented arts specialists.


Field Trips

All of our camps go on field trips every other Wednesday! Examples of field trips we may go on include Lake Compounce, Bronx Zoo, New York Hall of Science, Mystic Aquarium, New York Mets, Co Co Keys, New Roc City and LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

Please refer to our 2015 Camp Calendar for the summer camp field trip schedule.


Special Events

Summer fun and camp spirit is amplified with special events! The Stamford Y brings talented and professional shows that dazzle and delight campers. Special events are scheduled every other week.


These include camper favorites such as:[/fusion_text]

  • Magic Shows
  • Camper Talent Shows
  • Steve Max Super Simon Sez
  • Harlem Rockets
  • Austin Dailey Hip Hop Workshops

Please refer to our camp calendar for this year’s special events.


Weekly Themes

The weekly Day Camp themes create an atmosphere of fun and learning at the same time. The themes guide the weekly activities like arts & crafts, swimming, nature studies, dance, team building games, field trips, and special events. Some of our camp themes may include:


Back in time
Hop on board our time machine, we’ll be traveling back in time to old school games, pioneer arts, grandparents’ recipes and survival strategies that helped humans live off of the land. Come along for the ride!

Celebrate America
Enjoy a week of Red, White and Blue. Learn about the USA and what makes us the melting pot of the world.

A week full of games and activities that focus on having fun, developing sportsmanship and learning to be a team player. You’ll enjoy new games from variations on tag to Ultimate Frisbee®.

Mysteries, Maps and Riddles
Can you figure it out? What’s that? Who did it? Where are we? Become a detective, discover new places and have fun with friends while trying to unravel the mysteries of camp.

Splish, Splash
Splishin’ and splashin’ through five wet days. It’s time to get soaked through a series of water balloon games, sprinklers, slip-n-slides and more!

Super Hero Adventure
Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No. Is it going to be a great camp week full of costumes, super powers and good deeds? Yes! Join us for this new theme where the adventures never stop.

Super Slimy
Get ready for a wacky week of icky, sticky, silly stuff that you create and play with. This isn’t for the light hearted; it goes way past your school science project! Come dressed to get dirty.

World explorer
Ever wanted to visit a country, outer space or a new state? This week we will travel to different areas and see what the world has to offer.

Y’s Got Talent
Let your inner performer shine at YMCA Day Camp’s Talent Week. Show us what you’ve got!

Camp Rewind
Did you love all of the water games during Splish, Splash week? Did you want to be Super Slimy just one more time this summer? Then you’re in luck. Spend the last week of camp revisiting all of our favorite activities and games as we put the entire summer on rewind.

Spirit Week
Meet and compete with all your fellow YMCA campers! Teams will create banners, songs, cheers and mascots to promote their camp pride and present their camp spirit on the Stamford Y’s Camp Spirit Day.

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